Friday, September 12, 2008

Divine Economy Theory - Lesson One.

Today is a very exciting day for you and for me. It is the first day that you and I have the opportunity to begin your systematic study towards a Masters Degree in Divine Economy Theory.

Contact me so we can arrange for me to send your first lesson.

After studying the Lesson One diagram, ponder the questions and then submit your thoughtful answers to me at Also feel free to pose any questions that come to your mind.

There are 131 lessons in the lesson plan for the Masters Degree.

I recommend that you purchase Mastery of ETHICAL ECONOMICS (2010) and use it as the texbook if you wish.

With warm regards,
Bruce Koerber


Al said...

Whoops! Problem!

dr. cool and the heuristics said...

Where is the diagram?

Tim said...

Still no diagram/lesson available. Hope you'll add it soon!